Research Question and the Process on Finding the Answer

Human trafficking is an international crime that has seen an increase in victims as the world continues to globalize. This human rights violation happens in every country throughout the world and is a bigger issue than most people want to believe. This paper will consist of finding various laws, both domestic and international, that look to find those responsible and arresting them. The research question that will be answered through the process of case studies is “How does the United States differ with East Asia when it comes to human trafficking and why are these differences present?” The case studies will provide an analysis on the scholarly articles available on the subject of human trafficking, both sex and labor trafficking, in the United States and various countries throughout East Asia.

Obviously there is a strong ideological difference between the United States and East Asia, which can be seen by comparing different governments such as China and North Korea with the United States and other Western democracies. What I will aim to find out in answering the research question is whether one system is better than another when it comes to the prevention of trafficking. The United Nations will be a viable source used for determining how various offices and treaty bodies fight trafficking and measure their effectiveness. By studying two different geographical and ideological places in the world, myself and the reader will develop a better understanding on the subject of trafficking and the ways used to prevent it on an international level.


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